Fersom Pty Ltd  T/A  



  1. Cats are to be up to date with yearly vaccinations (Cats F3 ).
  2. Cats are to be desexed.
  3. Cats will be treated by the owner for fleas and worms before check in. If fleas are seen on any animal Purrrfect Pet Place will treat the animal and add the cost to the owners account.
  4. Purrrfect Pet Place reserves the right to refuse entry to any animal without explanation.  Aggressive cats will not be tollerated.
  5. Boarding accounts are calculated on a daily basis. Ie Check in Monday and check out Tuesday will equal 2 days boarding fees.
  6. No refunds or credits will be given for early return from holidays.
  7. All accounts are payable at check in by cash or eftpos/credit card. 
  8. Daily rates subject to change annually at Purrrfect pet place discretion. 
  9. All bookings that include the Christmas or Easter school holidays will require a 50% deposit within 7 days of making the booking.
  10. The owner agrees that Purrrfect Pet Place reserves the right to use any local veterinary surgeon they choose.  In the event of the owner not being able to be contacted the veterinary surgeons decision in relation to treatment of the animal shall be final and conclusive.
  11. The owner agrees to pay all veterinary costs for the animal during the time the animal is in the care of Purrrfect Pet Place.
  12. Under no circumstances will Purrrfect Pet Place ,or its employees, be held responsible for stress, illness, injury, death, loss or damage of any kind that may occur to any animal whilst in their care.
  13. Purrrfect Pet Place is not responsible for your pet's coat whilst she/he are in our care. This includes matting and or knotting. 
  14. Purrrfect Pet Place is not responsible for loss, damage or destruction of any personal belongings the owner chooses to leave with the animal.
  15. If the owner has not advised Purrrfect Pet Place of a revised check out date within 2 weeks of the original check out date or made payment of the account, the animal will be deemed abandoned and Purrrfect Pet Place has the right to rehome the animal in any manner they feel appropriate.
  16. I have read and agree to these terms and conditions as set out by Fersom Pty Ltd trading as Purrfect Pet Place.

You  will be required to sign your pets card agreeing to these terms and conditions at check in.