Our STANDARD single cat units are spacious 4 level walk in units. Each unit has 1m square floor space and 4 levels up to 2.2m high in which to stretch and play. Each cat has access several times a day out of their individual unit to a secure play area whilst we clean and refresh their unit.  These units are $22 per day.

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Our DELUXE single cat units are spacious walk in units that are 2.4m long and 1m wide.  Each unit has a window with a view out to our lovely gardens.  Each unit has two sleeping shelves one under the window and one more secluded for timid cats.  These units are $29 per day.

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Our GARDEN units, are spacious 2m square units with 2-4 hours access each day to a garden area. Within each unit is a high bench with ramp for the less athletic cat, a cubby and an old verandah chair of some sort to relax on. These units are suitable for 2 or more cat families or if you wish to spoil your single cat you may also book one of these types of unit.  These units are $45 per day 

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We feed all our guests on Royal Canin Sensible dry food. Because Royal Canin meets all your cats daily dietary requirements we only use wet food two to three times a week as a treat.  This wet food will vary and can be chicken, tin food of many varieties and fussy cat roo mince sachets.   If you especially want your cat to have wet food on a daily basis you are welcome to bring it labelled in small daily tins or sachets.

Please bring your cat a small bed, or favourite towel for his unit.  Whilst there is bedding in each unit it will help your cat to settle and feel safe if he has something that smells familiar.  It needs to be something old and well used rather than new or freshly washed as that tends to defeat the purpose.

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